5 Jan. 2024

How to Vote Dupe on avas.cc

What is it?

Vote dupe is an intentional dupe added by the administrators of avas.cc. It is intended to keep a healthy server economy in an age where Mojang is catching up to anarchy players and creating more thoroughly tested updates with less exploitable dupes.

How do I use it?

Vote dupe is more than just a dupe; it supports the entire servers' economy with a form of currency called vote dupe credits, coloquially known as vote creds. These credits can be transferred between players or spent on vote duping. Here are some of the commands for your reference:

- /votedupe: Dupes the item in your hand, if you are holding an item.
- /vote: Shows the list of voting sites where you can earn vote creds.
- /vote give [player] [amount]: Transfer credits to another player.
- /vote bal: Check your vote balance.


Generally, we are very allowing when it comes to vote dupe credits. Regularly, we will instate 2-3x multipliers for promotions, events, etc. When a multiplier is active, your vote credit reward from voting is increased by that amount.


Vote dupe is a controversial feature that is looked down on by most of the anarchy community, but we believe that a consistent dupe is required for engaging gameplay that really embodies the anarchy experience. Wouldn't you say that dupes and exploits help create a more cohesive, 2b2t-esque anarchy experience?

Written by: server

hi, i'm the guy that made this site, and also the guy that made avas. i'm also the guy that wrote this very article

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