5 Jan. 2024

Understanding Speed Limits on avas.cc

Isn't Speed Limit an Anti Cheat?

No. Speed Limit is a restriction on clients in order to maintain server stability. The difference between Anti Cheat and Speed Limit is that speed limit is designed to be minimal and only start affecting players once it begins lagging the server (active prevention), whereas Anti Cheat solutions like those found on anarchy servers like 2b2t are designed to patch hacks that cause lag before they can cause lag in the first place (passive prevention). This results in a degraded play experience, whereas Speed Limit actually improves server performance and the play experience for everybody.

How does it work?

Wouldn't you like to know? Just kidding. While we can't divulge exactly how speedlimit operates for security reasons, we can say that it works by tracking your player location over the period of one second and determines how many blocks you have travelled within that second (i.e., your blocks per second). If your blocks per second (speed) is above a certain threshold, the player is warned up to 10 times depending on the severity of the overage. If the player continues to speed, they are frozen for a time that is fitting for the overage. For example, someone who sped only two blocks per second over may only be frozen for one second, whereas someone who sped twenty blocks per second over may be frozen for ten seconds.

What is zoning?

There are a couple different speed limits across the world of avas. Each dimension has a separate speed limit, and some areas of some dimensions may have either no speed limit or a significantly reduced speed limit. Here is a complete list of zones and scenarios with their respective speed limits:

- Overworld below Y=450: 40 blocks per second (flight speed 0.136 in Meteor)
- Overworld above Y=450: 0 blocks per second (flight at this height is disallowed)
- Nether Roof: 36 blocks per second
- Nether Roof in Boat on Packed Ice: 48 blocks per second
- Nether: No speed limit
- End: 64 blocks per second

Donators can see their current speed limit zone by executing /settings speedometer true. This will also allow you to see your current speed as detected by speed limit.

I feel like the speed limit in [xyz] is too low.

Administrators do not consider requests to raise speed limit nor open additional zones. Please do not make these types of requests, as they will be ignored. Speedlimit is engineered in a way that provides an excellent gameplay experience for both travellers and non-travellers, and integrating player requests for speed limit changes would offset this balance.

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