1 Jan. 2024

Introducing Phoenix Anarchy

Welcome Phoenix Anarchy!

Introducing PhoenixAnarchy, the newest member of the AVAS family!

We are happy to announce the absorption of PhoenixAnarchy. We have worked closely with the owners over the past month to ensure a smooth and stable transition to new management, and so far, things are looking up!


Unfortunately, running a Minecraft anarchy server like 2b2t can be expensive, and costs add up very quickly. AVAS loses almost $350 USD a month purely because anarchy is, by nature, an unprofitable genre. In this circumstance, the cost of running the server became unbalanced with their player count. They were regularly seeing 0 player averages and decided to pass the totem pole.


Our administration team noticed that Dumbledore (the previous admin of Phoenix) had posted an announcement detailing the above. We were quick to reach out. We had already worked with PhoenixAnarchy previously, and had been on friendly terms with sleepylessons prior to his dox and eventual disappearance leading up to the shutdown of NetherAnarchy. The administration team at Phoenix agreed it would be disingenious to sell the server as opposed to just passing the torch. The team at AVAS did not spend a dime acquiring PA; in fact, we lose money doing so. We are only running it out of the kindness of our hearts and love the community. We intend to keep running it for as long as AVAS lives.

Where do we go from here?

AVAS development plans to make PhoenixAnarchy great again. We intend on deploying AnarchyEssentials onto Phoenix within the next couple of months. This is important because it can and will change gameplay on Phoenix. For example, we plan on implementing our speed limit solution over Phoenix's speed limit solution. Play AVAS to get an idea of how AnarchyEssentials handles; it will be in your neighborhood at a time not so far.

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