5 Jan. 2024

How to Escape Spawn in Vanilla Anarchy

Much Easier than 2b2t!

Escaping spawn on AVAS is much easier for one reason and one reason only: you can fly. But those of you who are just getting started in anarchy may not have an idea of where to begin with hack clients. This is a good starting point for AVAS, and really, any anarchy server.

Downloading a Hacked Client

You'll want to install a client like Meteor Client. This client will allow you to do a variety of things, including but not limited to:

- Walking on water (Jesus)
- Unassisted flying (Flight)
- No fall damage (NoFall)
- Night vision (Fullbright)

You'll need a few things to get started with Meteor Client:

- The client itself, found here
- The Fabric installer, found here
- The Fabric API, found on the same page as above.

At the time of writing, you'll want to grab 1.20.2 versions for best compatibility with Meteor and AVAS. AVAS is not sponsored by Meteor to put this guide out; the development team simply thinks this is the best client for navigating our server.

Installing Meteor Client

First, you will want to run the Fabric installer, and install Fabric, if you have not done so already. Once that is complete, launch Minecraft once and then close it. Then, perform the following steps:

- Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard, and enter "%appdata%/.minecraft/mods" without the quotes.
- Copy and paste the Meteor Client jar and the Fabric API jar into this folder.
- Restart Minecraft.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Meteor!

Using Meteor Client

While I could talk about Meteor and its' features all day, I do not have the space nor the time to do so. So, let me run you through the most important module for AVAS; flight. In order to enable flight on AVAS, you must first open the client menu. To do so, press the Right Shift Key. This will open the client menu. Under the "Movement" column, right-click Flight. Set the speed to 0.136. This speed will keep you within the travel limits of the overworld.

Once you have activated flight, things become a bit more intuitive! Fly out of spawn, find a tree, and begin your journey!

~ srv

Written by: server

hi, i'm the guy that made this site, and also the guy that made avas. i'm also the guy that wrote this very article

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