7 Jan. 2024

AVAS' Website Gets A New Look

Long overdue!

After three entire years' worth of begging from the playerbase and administration, I have taken up the responsibility of redesigning the AVAS website. Hopefully this one knocks your socks off. The last one was made from a very bad template and was only intended to be a very basic starting point for the server. This website is now multi-purpose, containing a blog, tutorials, and more. More detail is available in the following sections.


This article you are reading right now is an AVAS news article. We will post about significant events in the anarchy community as well as significant events within AVAS, the website redesign being one of them. We have retroactively written an article to promote PhoenixAnarchy as well.


We now provide tutorials for major gameplay functions that we think may be a difficulty barrier for some inexperienced players. This includes things like escaping spawn, which many newfriends fail to achieve, and specific systems like vote dupe and speed limit. Input for modifying existing or adding new tutorials is welcome; please see the new Contact page.

Where do we go from here?

The development team at AVAS has just completed major infrastructure migrations and are now switching focus to front end software. The hope is that this website helps to drive traffic to the server more than before. As it turns out, this website gets an unexpectedly high number of visits monthly, and we want to capitalize on that by providing a nicer site with more obvious directions for joining and playing the server.

Let us know what you think!

You can provide feedback by contacting Mayorofavas, found through the Contact form of this webpage. This feedback will be funnelled to the development team if Mayor deems it appropriate.

Written by: server

hi, i'm the guy that made this site, and also the guy that made avas. i'm also the guy that wrote this very article

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